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Have you ever dreamed of your excellent hotel being well-known? Have you ever hoped for your hotel being part of the Top 10 most known hotels in the world? The hotel industry is competitive, where the “known” last longer. The “known” hotel gets a higher rating. So you tell yourself, how will I be known within my city and within the world? The answer you’re looking for is clients! The more clients you have, the more publicly known your hotel will be! The superb accommodation, excellent customer service, and peaceful place your hotel provides allow the clients to come back every time they visit your hotel.

A study according to XunXu shows that for hoteliers to enhance customer satisfaction and alleviate customer dissatisfaction is by improving service and satisfying the customers’ needs.” With that in mind, clients will indeed leave fantastic reviews regarding your hotel and spread stories about it! One problem now is how to get clients? The answer is an advertisement for your hotel.

We Social Funnel 360 give you a solution to your situation with a Hotel Virtual Tour by Social Funnel 360. 

Hotel Virtual Tours
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Hotel Virtual Tours

In this day and age, traditional advertisement strategies are not enough to bring new clients to your business. One of the most crucial and significant keys in a hotel’s ability to attract new clients is marketing. In the hotel industry, marketing is critical since it serves as a tool that aids in the better management of hotel operations and the formulation of appropriate strategies with the primary goal of increasing financial outcomes. According to Pereira and Almeida (2014), marketing and promotion are a vehicle of considerable importance for the management of hotels, as evidenced by the findings of the research they did. That is why Social Funnel 360 Hotel Virtual tour is here to help! Social Funnel 360 offers you free choices to advertise your hotel the way you want it! We help capture the grandness of your hotel and its welcoming lobby, peaceful bedrooms, fabulous suites, including everything your hotel has to offer. 

Social Funnel 360 is here and will help you pave the way for your dreams.

360 Hotel Virtual Tour by Social Funnel 360

What is a 360 hotel virtual tour?

Have you ever experienced the sense of looking around in astonishment while performing a complete 360-degree body movement to take in your surroundings? What about taking a photo with your smartphone and capturing the entire scene using the panoramic mode? Social Funnel 360 delivers a virtual tour of any site of your choosing in 360 degrees. 360° photography involves capturing a series of images, which are then stitched together inside the phone to form a single long, narrow image representing the scene around you in 360°. A 360 Virtual Tour is a simulation of an interior and outside space. It comprises a series of photos captured by a professional company, such as our very own Social Funnel 360.

A virtual tour is an advertising tool that can assist bring new clients to your company. It’s also a virtual reality vision of your business relayed in visuals that allow the spectator to be “right there” at your hotel building. It’s the most refined approach to precisely portray what your hotel looks like. A 360° virtual tour is also a simple sales tool that can illustrate your business in a way still photos cannot.

The authentic influence that a 360° perspective can have is on the audience’s enjoyment, interaction, and educational value. You can pinch in on the image to inspect specific elements, and you can also drag the picture about to explore other places in the surrounding area. Aside from that, you have a better sense of being inside the visual than you would with a still image. To turn a tour into a visual experience for the audience, we utilize specialized cameras, lenses, technology, and techniques to efficiently finish the task.

Virtual Hotel Tour

A virtual hotel tour makes use of a 360-degree virtual tour of the amenities that your hotel has to offer. Visitors to your website can get a first-person perspective of your hotel’s facilities by participating in a virtual hotel tour that is hosted on your website, thanks to Social Funnel 360. Through this technique, clients can get a sense of what they will be receiving when they visit the rooms you have to provide and see the rooms you offer. Additionally, this perspective has the advantage of showcasing the size of a region while also showing how to traverse the actual property itself, which is a unique feature. Instead of being passive, as when you sit on a chair and watch a movie, the user experience is active, guided, and steered back to you. A virtual hotel tour means that the user can pause and resume the scene at any point. They move left, right, up, and down to investigate the surrounding area and assess how one object fits into the larger context of the environment.

Advantages of a Virtual Hotel Tour

This first-person virtual tour shows all of your hotel’s primary features. 

Introducing technology facilities further emphasizes that guests will receive nothing less than first-rate service during their stay. A virtual hotel tour by Social Funnel 360 is an excellent method to demonstrate the entire hotel and specifically draws attention to the building’s vast and luxurious qualities. 

A virtual tour of a hotel is an excellent approach to establishing a digital connection with prospective clients. 

We can begin with an introduction, followed by a tour showing the reception area, entertainment venues center, dining area, and luxurious rooms. In this virtual reality presentation, the viewer can stay in each location for a short time before moving on. It gives the display a more personal feel.

A virtual hotel tour can also be enhanced by incorporating an audio guide with the accompanying imagery. 

A virtual hotel tour with audio also helps your clients learn essential things about this hotel, such as the type of guests who stay there and the number of rooms available. Aside from that, it also adds an extra level of friendliness to the overall experience. 

Hotel virtual tours can stimulate a decent level of interest and enjoyment from clients. 

Such technological capabilities would motivate the target audience to visit and re-visit the website daily and check for new updates and special offers. 

A Social Funnel 360 virtual hotel tour can also be a simple but elegant presentation. 

This is an excellent approach to drawing attention to your hotel’s direct, inventive, and transparent nature. When you take a virtual tour of your hotel, you can record all of the beautiful features, from the interior designs to the wall decorations and even the carvings on the ceilings, walls, and beams that make it unique. The presentation’s top aim is to convey the grand ambiance of your hotel, which means paying close attention to detail.

Social funnel 360 Virtual hotel tour allows increases customer trust in the brand. 

Virtual hotel tours enable the potential customer to view every aspect of the rooms and suites on display. This provides a consistent definition and communication of the hotel’s overall service quality and emphasizes the hotel’s commitment to transparency. As potential visitors become aware of a brand’s transparency, they will develop a sense of trust in it.

Guarantees clients’ expectations at the highest order. 

Customers have high expectations of the services and amenities provided by hotels, and their expectations might occasionally exceed their imaginations, resulting in disappointment without a doubt. A dissatisfied customer has the potential to ruin your hotel’s otherwise good reputation. Because clients already know what to expect from your establishment, virtual hotel tours will help manage expectations for your establishment. The virtual tour will drastically reduce the number of negative comments received from dissatisfied customers while also gaining recognition in the process.

You got an edge over your competitors. With the innovative advertising, more and more clients would surely be interested in booking a stay at your hotel. 

Airbnb Virtual Tours 

With the help of Social Funnel 360, you can take virtual tours of Airbnb properties. Guest hosts use Airbnb to rent out their spare rooms to travelers looking for short-term lodging. Numerous options are available, from single rooms to houses to boats to treehouses. People can list their properties on the site and rent them out for a set period of time. It’s now a part of Social Funnel 360s expanded range of services for housing and aiding company owners and visitors. In order to take an outstanding virtual tour of your destination, you may use our Airbnb virtual tours, which offer immersive environments with the best quality and cutting-edge virtual views.

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Hotel Virtual Tours

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