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Have you tried going on tour in a car dealership showroom? Have you tried sitting in the cockpit and witnessing the gorgeous interiors of those vehicles? Or have you traveled miles away from your home to go to your local car dealership to inquire and check those cars’ specifications you have seen on an advertisement on billboards and televisions? These experiences ought to be experienced first-hand while the customers are physically on-site. It takes time and effort to go to the store to look for the product of choice and their information. However, would you believe that everything you could do physically on-site can be done in your homes using only your mobile devices? 

Car Virtual Tours
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Car Virtual Tours

Those soon to be obsolete conventional advertising could take your customers’ precious time of dropping by your stores, or maybe they do not have the time at all to go to your showrooms. The world is rapidly moving towards complete digitalization where advanced systems and the internet integrates into our daily necessities. Small and large car dealer companies are experimenting and spending money on the perfect marketing tool that could attract customers and be profitable given today’s technological advances. Well, Social Funnel 360 Virtual Car Dealership Tour offers you the ideal solution for an effective and efficient marketing tool that will boost your sales while giving your customers a tour of your products in the convenience and comfort of their homes. If you are one of those car companies that want to expand the reach of their markets, Social Funnel is the offer perfect for your vision.

What is a virtual tour?

Have you ever had the familiar sensation of looking around in awe while doing a complete 360-degree body rotation to see the entire environment? Alternatively, how about snapping a photo with your smartphone and using the panorama mode to capture the whole scene? A virtual tour is similar to taking a panoramic view of a captured image or rotating your body while staring in awe at something unique. Virtual tours are virtually identical to actual face-to-face tours in terms of content. Consider the following scenario: you are entering a car showroom, and a salesperson approaches you and offers you their products as well as information about their offerings. With the virtual tour, visitors can have an authentic experience using a new and innovative medium. Using your computers and mobile devices, you will be able to experience all of this without any difficulties. 

Virtual tours are the latest trend in marketing strategies, and most businesses use them. Since the pandemic outbreak, most companies have recognized and embraced the potential of the internet as the modern standard of marketing and advertising. Remember that most people have access to the internet and spend more time on it than watching television or reading newspapers. Virtual tours are a cutting-edge marketing tool that utilizes 360° panoramic 3D images to allow customers to see the entire store and its products from every angle. An interactive application in which the whole of the physical store is virtually recreated and made available to users over the internet.

If you’re wondering how our team will create a virtual tour that will give you a 360-degree view of the location, it will use omnidirectional cameras. These omnidirectional cameras can capture images from all directions, leaving no corners uncaptured.

Now, what is a virtual car dealership tour?

Virtual car dealership tours will provide you with the sensation of being on-site while viewing the parts of the cars, including the interiors and engines, on the customers’ computers taking the tours. Customers will be comfortable inquiring about the car’s specifications and other factors while taking virtual time. It is an interactive online service in which the customers have complete control and can view product information and photographs. Through our team, Social Funnel 360 should be able to leverage the medium’s full potential for your company’s benefit.

Why choose Car Dealership Virtual Tours by Social Funnel 360?

The Social Funnel 360 team has been assembled to provide our clients with the best possible working experience. Our professionals have a diverse range of credible talents and skills. When it comes to honor, demeanor, and skills, the Social Funnel 360 team that works on virtual tours is among the best in the business, ensuring that each client receives the best virtual tour possible.

Furthermore, Car Dealership Virtual Tours by Social Funnel 360 will allow your customers to access all of the information about your vehicles, including their specifications, engine torque and horsepower, chassis, wheel type, and even the interiors. The 3D high-definition images of your cars will be available to customers. Furthermore, our advanced 360 photography software will capture every edge of your store, allowing you to create the most immersive virtual tour available on the market.

But hold on a minute; there’s more. Real-time test drive registration is available through Social Funnel 360, which customers can take advantage of while exploring your virtual showroom. Because the applied model for a test drive will be delivered to your customers’ doorstep, this will be a very convenient experience for them. With the help of our virtual tours, Social Funnel 360 aims to improve your reputation by ensuring that your customers are delighted.

Advantages and Benefits of Virtual Tours in Car Dealerships

Find out how virtual tours can benefit your company.

Provide easy access to the customers and buying public.

Virtual tours are distinguished by their ability to be accessed at the customer’s convenience. It allows customers to access the entire store through their mobile devices, which they can use at any time and from any location. If you are still debating and in a dilemma whether or not to use this marketing tool for your projects, you may be wondering why you are taking so long to make your decision. We can promote your company through various social media platforms, allowing us to show off your stunning dealership to the entire world. It captures the essence of what 360 virtual tours are about in many ways. As a result, it effectively allows the rest of the world to see your products worthy of being showcased.

It provides convenience to the customers as it is open 24/7.

When you have virtual tours in your car dealership’s arsenal, your customers will have the authority to visit your store through virtual tours rather than having to adjust to your store’s hours of operation. Furthermore, customers can quickly locate your nearest store to their location, saving you a significant amount of time when answering questions. Additionally, customers can schedule an appointment through virtual tours, such as applying for a specific vehicle’s test drive, allowing you to provide your valued customer with the most outstanding amount of flexibility. The Social Funnel 360 team should be able to provide this convenience to your customers through the most advanced and user-friendly user interface available for virtual tours. As business owners, we are familiar with the feelings of rejection, negative feedback, and disappointment that customers can experience. This may be significantly reduced because customers will have a pre-existing expectation of your actual stores after simply exploring your virtual tour.

No more expectation versus reality dilemma

Frequently, when customers receive disappointing packages that fall far short of their expectations, they find themselves in an awkward situation. It has been determined that the product has insufficient information, and the store is being held responsible for this problem. Companies involved in this scenario will have their reputation severely tarnished due to the events. Are you concerned about the possibility of becoming involved in such a situation? It would be best if you weren’t concerned because Social Funnel 360 is available to assist you at any time. Customer satisfaction will increase due to the virtual tour of your car dealership. Since virtual tours include a recreated showroom with products, customers will see the same view when they visit your store, removing any preconceived notions they may have about your store. Furthermore, they will be thoroughly familiar with and aware of your product descriptions and prices, which will be accompanied by real photographs taken in your physical stores. Consider the positive impact that customer satisfaction has on your company’s bottom line and revenue, as well as the positive impact that customer satisfaction has on your reputation.

Social Funnel 360’s Drone Photography For Car Dealership

In addition to giving your clients and prospective buyers a bird’s eye view of what’s inside, Social Funnel 360’s Drone Photography gives your customers a larger perspective of your automobile deals. Drone photography is one of the latest, most efficient innovations that we can provide for your auto sales using Social Funnel 360. Prospective purchasers will better view the automobiles’ exteriors thanks to this feature. Your entire region is also covered, allowing you to show off your place. It will help reduce some of the most daunting aspects of the car-buying process by providing a comprehensive inventory of your vehicles. With our innovative 360 photography program, you can create the most immersive virtual tour currently available on the market by capturing every edge of your store with a minimum amount of effort.

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Car Virtual Tours

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